Foundations and Advances in Nonlinear Science

Ishkhanyan Zero-transition resonances in quantum two-state evolution

Kurochkin Coherent states on the horosphere of the three dimensional Lobachevsky space

Sergey Alexandrovich Nazarov Polarized interaction of singular and Gaussian light beams in resonance media

A Latushko The use of the Serpent Monte Carlo code for generation of WWER-1200 reactor few-group cross section library

Albert Ferrando Compensating plasmonic losses by means of soliplasmon resonances

Aleksandr Alesenkov Nonlinear properties of triangle silver nanoparticles explored with femtosecond Z-scan

Aleksandr Bugay Nonlinear waves as signals in microtubules: excitation and stability

Alexander Antonovich Babich Phenomenology of new heavy gauge bosons in Gauge-Higgs Unification models


Alexander Kazak Formation of Bessel light beams using electrically-driven LC elements.

Alexander Pankov Effects of $Z-Z'$ mixing in $pp \to W^+W^- + X$ process at the LHC

Alexander Pankov Determination of the spin of the Higgs-like boson in diphoton decay channel with center-edge asymmetry at the LHC

Alexey Savin Dynamics of weakly dissipative quasiperiodically driven map with period-doublings

Aliaksandr Alevanau Mechanically assisted low-temperature pyrolysis of hydrocarbons

Anatoly Zherelo On one approximation for a mathematical expectation of special type

Andrea Fratalocchi Complexity-Driven Photonics

Andrei Lavrinenko Terahertz metamaterials and control of optical waveguides

Andrey Vladimirov Delay differential equation models of multimode lasers

Anton Husakou Quasi-phase-matched high-harmonic generation in metal-nanoparticle composites

Anton Pakhomov Optical pattern formation mechanisms in broad area lasers

Benjamin Clemens Oliver Lingnau Nonlinear Dynamics of Quantum-Dot Lasers: The Importance of Nonequilibrium Charge Carrier Dynamics

Dmitry N Chigrin Active meta-materials based on liquid crystals and phase-change materials

Dmitry Alexandrovich Klyukin Luminescent centers formation and non-linear optical effects in photo-thermo-refractive glass under femtosecond IR laser pulses

Dmitry Savin Attractor coexistence in the multistable system with slow variation of the parameter

Dmitry Zezyulin Dynamics of a generalized PT-symmetric discrete nonlinear Schroedinger equation

E V Grigorieva Stabilization of stationary lasing by oscillating delay feedback

Ekaterina Victorovna Felk The effect of weak dissipation on the system with Arnold’s diffusion

Elena Avakyan Strong interactions of Pseudoscalar Mesons

Elena Kokoulina Soft photon study at U-70 and Nuclotron

Elena Velicheva Simulation and experimental investigation of optical properties of inorganic crystals

Eugenijus Gaizauskas THz Generation Efficiency Under Two-Photon Resonant Difference Frequency Mixing

Falk Eilenberger Discrete Vortex Light Bullets

G Karpovich Assessment of nuclear safety in handling of nuclear fuel in a storage pool of the Belarussian NPP

Grigory Rusetsky Quantum Dot Lasing: Local Field Effects

Hailna Grushevskaya Jacobi dynamics in a first order phase transition at interface boundary

Ihar Babushkin Ultrashort terahertz pulse generation and control using photoionization-induced nonlinearities in gases

Ilia Kashchenko Local dynamics of singular pertubed equations with two delays

Ilya Razdolski Interplay of surface plasmon resonances probed by second harmonic generation

Ivan A. Kovalew PostScript Algorithms for Indecomposable Continua (Atoms) and Hereditarily Indecomposable Continua Construction

Ivanton Rudenkov Assessment of nuclear safety at first fuel load into the reactor of the Belarusian NPP

José Ramón Salgueiro Nonlinear complex modes of plasmonic waveguides

Kathy Luedge Partial synchronization and multistability in optically coupled laser networks

Kristina Kazmerchuk On solutions of the Pauli equations in not static de Sitter metrics

Leonid Babichev First- and Second- Order Superconducting Phase Transitions and High - Temperature Superconductivity

Lubou Krylova Description and optimization of passive Q-switched regime in solid-state lasers using time-space distributed model

M Korolkov Femtosecond interferometry of molecular dynamics – the role of relative and absolute phase of two femtosecond laser pulses

Marko Robnik Statistical properties of one-dimensional time dependent Hamiltonian oscillators

Marko Robnik Quantum localization of chaotic eigenstates and the statistics of energy spectra

Mikhail R. Petrichenko Trivial Flow Immersion in the Extremals Field

Mindaugas Radziunas Computation and analysis of optical modes in multisection ring and edge-emitting semiconductor lasers

Mustapha Tlidi Localized structures in dissipative media

Nikolay Nikolaevich Rosanov Nonlinear Structures in Dynamical Traps or Cavities

O Yu Panischev How analyzing the interictal EEG can identify the epilepsy

O Yu Panischev Using the EEG to diagnose the bipolar affective disorder

Oleg A. Domchenkov Simplest Nonlinear Estimate of the Mathematical Expectation

Oleg Khasanov Multi-hump Simultons in Multilevel Systems

Oleg G. Romanov Thermomechanical action of ultrashort laser pulses on metallic nanostructures

Oleg G. Romanov FDTD modeling of propagation of short electromagnetic pulses in media with negative permittivity and permeability

Olga Fedotova \title{High- power vortex light bullets}

Olga Isaeva Realization of the hyperbolic chaos and complex analytical dynamics in one ring stage wave system

Olga Sergeevna Kabanova Waveguide light propagation in electrically controlled Liquid-Crystal elements

Olga Pavlovna Solovtsova Non-singlet $Q^2$-evolution and the analytic approach to QCD

Rostislav Arkhipov Generation of ultra-short optical pulses in lasers due to coherent interaction of light with resonant medium in laser cavity

Sergei Arkadevich Kozlov Estimate of the coefficient of the nonlinear refractive index of crystals in the terahertz spectral region

Sergei Sharangovich Analytical model of PDLC holographic polarization gratings formation under the influence of light-induced absorption changing

Sergey Avakyan Electromagnetic Interactions of Light Mesons

Sergey V. Sergeyev Vector solitons in mode locked fiber lasers: dynamics of the polarization state

Sidorenko Alla The Elements of Brain-computer Interface

Slobodan Zdravkovic Improved radial model of nonlinear dynamics of microtubular

Stanislav M. Shandarov Flexoelectric contribution to the perturbation of optical properties in nanostructured single-crystals

Svetlana Gurevich Time-delayed feedback control of localized structures in the Swift-Hohenberg equation

Svetlana Kurilkina Generation of Bessel plasmons in epsilon-near-zero metamaterials

Svetlana Sytova Study of chaotic dynamics in volume free electron laser under the influence of external electromagnetic waves

Tatiana Vldimirovna Habruseva Polarization dynamics in mode-locked fiber lasers with carbon nanotubes

Tatiana Alekseevna Kornienko Electrooptical control of light beams in photorefractive crystals

Tatiana Murzina Optical and nonlinear-optical effects in 1D magnetoplasmonic crystals based on planar Au/garnet heterostructure

Tolstik Alexey Leonidovich In memory of the outstanding person and scientist

V I Kuvshinov Colour Particles in Confined QCD Environment

Vadim Pak An Overview of First-Order Logic Theorem Proving Techniques, Based on the Inverse Method

Valentin Gilewsky Fermion types and their interactions

Victoria Bogaevskaya Stabilization and destabilization of periodic solution of Stuart-Landau equation

Viktor Mikhaylovich Red'kov Spin 1 particle in magnetic monopole potential, nonrelativistic approximation, Minkowski and Lobachevsky space models

Virgilijus Vaicaitis Terahertz Radiation Generation by Femtosecond Laser Pulses in Air

Vladimir Viktorovich Kudryashov Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit interactions in circular quantum dots


Vladimir Zhulego Numerical simulation of population growth

Vyacheslav Chizhevsky Experimental study of polarization multistability in a VCSEL by the method of vibrational resonance.

Yurii Vladimirovich Chebrakov Constructing the analytical solutions of the fitting problems for the data arrays with integers

Yury Dmitrovich Chernichenko Form Factor of the Relativistic Two-Particle System in the Relativistic Quasipotential Approach: The Case of Arbitrary Masses and Scalar Curren