Effects of $Z-Z'$ mixing in $pp \to W^+W^- + X$ process at the LHC

A.A. Pankov, V.V. Andreev

Tech. Univ. of Gomel, Belarus

The potential of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to search for the effects of $Z-Z'$ mixing in hadronic production of $W^\pm$ boson pairs has been studied. The results of numerical analysis in the form of constraints on the $Z-Z'$ mixing angle and $Z'$ boson mass obtained from semileptonic $W^\pm$ boson decay channel, $pp\to WW\to l\nu jj+X$ ($l=e$ or $\mu$), at collider energy of 14 TeV are presented. It was found that diboson pair production process is very sensitive to $Z-Z'$ mixing angle and allows to constrain such effects with a precision of order $\vert\phi\vert\sim {\cal O}(10^{-3})$.