Optical and nonlinear-optical effects in 1D magnetoplasmonic crystals based on planar Au/garnet heterostructure

Krutyanskiy V.L, Chekhov A.L., Stognij A.I., Bespalov A.V., Golikova O.L., Murzina T.V.

Moscow State University, Russia

One-dimensional magneto-plasmonic crystals (MPC) are promising for various types of applications in photonics and plasmonics. They allow for a fast light manipulation because of their high magneto-optical coupling and efficiency. IN this work we discuss the optical, magneto-optical and nonlinear-optical effects studied in magnetoplasmonic crystals based on a magnetic dielectric layer covered by a perforated gold film. MPC were fabricated by a combined ion-beam etching technique. We demonstrate that excitation of surface plasmon polaritons and waveguide modes coupled to the magnetic layer leads to a giant magneto-induced transparency modulation in a wide angular-frequency range. Controllable varying of the structure geometrical parameters allows to tune the contribution of different modes in the magneto-optical response.