Foundations and Advances in nonlinear science

Tomilchik Description of Universe Accelerating Expansion Without Dark Energy

A. Dmitriev Ultra Wide Band Direct Chaotic Transceivers for Wireless Body Area Networks

A. M. Ishkhanyan Non-adiabatic transitions in nonlinear quantum systems

A. Maimistov Forward and backward optical waves in metamaterials: nonlinear interaction

A. A. Pankov Distinguishing indirect signatures of new physics at the International linear collider: Z' versus anomalous gauge couplings

A. Uvarov Miniaturized conformal printed antennas for wireless communication based on chaotic transceiver: design and comparative analysis.

Adnrei Tsytrinov Identification of sneutrino s-channel exchange signatures in R-parity violating SUSY at LC with polarized beams

Aleksandr Nikolaevich Bugay Generation and interactions of optical-terahertz solitons in quadratically nonlinear media

Alexandra Kashchenko Stability of periodic solutions of singular pertubed Stuart-Landau equation

Alexey Bobok Local dynamics of the oscillators array in Scott experiment

Alexey Savin Multistability and the transformation of tori in driven Ikeda map with weak dissipation

Aliaksandr Yu. Alevanau Prospective side effects of the heat and mass transfers in microporous structure of char during intermediate and final stages of the high-temperature pyrolysis

Anatoli Zherelo On one time discretization scheme for SDE of special type

Anatoly Petrovich Sukhorukov Controlled collision of two pulsed laser beams in nonlinear media

Andrea Fratalocchi Dispersive shocks and complexity of nonlinear waves

Andrey Kolyada Cluster finding in silicon detectors.

Asel Adilova On some features of the coupled discrete Rüssler oscillators dynamics

Ayhan Demircan From Optical Rogue Waves to Optical Transistors

Damia Gomila Villalonga Self-localized states in lasers with external feedback

Denis Ivanov Non-Linear Dynamics of Open Bose-Einstein Condensates

Dmitry Savin The dynamics of coupled discrete maps with the conservative type of coupling at different dissipation values

Elena Marushkina Co-existence of bursting-cycles in impulse neuron model with delay

Elena Ovsiyuk Quasi-plane waves for spin 1 field in Lobachevsky space and a generalized helicity operator

Fedor Mitschke Recent Insights about Solitons in Optical Fibers

Halina Grushevskaya Berwald-Lagrange scalar curvature in the structure process of LB-monolayer

Igor Lipnevich Self-organization of polymetallic coordination LB-complexes of nanocyclic pyrrole-thiophene ligands

Ilia Kashchenko Dynamics of an Equation with a Large Spatially Distributed Control

Julia Samoilenko Alignment Task at data processing.

Marko Robnik Adiabatic invariants and some statistical properties of the time-dependent linear and nonlinear oscillators

Marko Robnik WKB approach applied to 1D time-dependent nonlinear Hamiltonian oscillators

Mikhael V. Korolkov Laser pulse control of $DCl^+$ photofragmentation.

Nikolay Rosanov Under- and superluminal parametric Doppler and Bragg effects in nonlinear dielectrics

Nina Krylova Nonlinear dynamics of capacity characteristics of a cell monolayer

Olga Isaeva Unidirectionally coupled generators of the hyperbolic chaos: phenomenon of generalized synchronization and based on it methods of the secure communication

Olga Pavlovna Solovtsova Testing of scale dependence in perturbative QCD series

Ruslan Salianka MK simulation of electromagnetic calorimeter work in GEANT4.

S. Glyzin Finite-Dimensional Models of Diffusion Chaos

Sidorenko Alla The control of chaotic regimes in encryption algorithm based on dynamic chaos

Slobodan Zdravkovich Nonlinear dynamics of microtubules

Svetlana V. Gurevich Destabilization of localized structures induced by delayed feedback

Svetlana Sytova Chaotic dynamics of generation of radiation by relativistic electron beams in photonic crystals

T.V. Shishkina

Tatiana Kornienko Propagation of Gaussian and Singular Light Beams in Photorefractive Crystal Bi12TiO20

Thomas Pertsch Nonlinear space-time dynamics in microstructured systems

Tigran Shahverdyan Complete-return spectrum for a generalized Rosen-Zener two-state term-crossing model

V. V. Kudryashov Radial wave functions in variational improved WKB approximation

V. Kuvshinov Quark confinement as nonlinear phenomenon in QCD vacuum

V.I. Krot Spectroscopy of carbon nanotube complexes with oligonucleotides and DNA in thin LB films.

Valentin Gilewsky On electromagnetic interaction of Majorana fermions

Vasili Viktorovich Andreev Discriminating $Z^\prime$ from anomalous gauge coupling signatures in $e^+e^-\rightarrow W^+W^-$ at International Linear Collider

Viacheslav Khandramai Bjorken sum rule analysis: revised.

Victor Red'kov On some peculiarities in transition from de Sitter's to Minkowski model: iteration procedure in the radial equation for a scalar particle

Victor Red'kov Some consequences from the Dirac-Kaehler theory: on intrinsic spinor sub-structure of the different boson wave functions.

Vladimir Balan Generalized Finsler structures related to Mueller matrices within the Stokes formalism

Vladimir Konotop Linear and nonlinear guided modes in a parabolic potential

Yuri Kivshar Light control with metamaterials and plasmonic structures