Luminescent centers formation and non-linear optical effects in photo-thermo-refractive glass under femtosecond IR laser pulses

D.A. Klyukin, A.I. Sidorov, A.I. Ignatiev, N.V. Nikonorov, M. Silvennoinen, Yr. Svirko

ITMO University, Russian Federation

Our work is devoted to the investigation of optical, mainly luminescent properties of silver-containing glass. We used a femtosecond laser for the irradiation of samples. The experiments have shown that the initial glass has weak luminescence, but during irradiation by the femtosecond laser a multiphoton ionization of glass components occurs and forms free electrons in the glass. They are trapped by Ag+ ions and Agn+ molecular clusters and are converted in to neutral Ag0 and Agn0 clusters. In result the obtained clusters have strong luminescence intensity in spectral range of 480-800 nm. The glass have non-linear properties that result into complex propagation of laser beam through the glass. In contrast with another ways of silver molecular clusters a luminescence of irradiated region remains after the thermal treatment at the temperature above Tg.