Determination of the spin of the Higgs-like boson in diphoton decay channel with center-edge asymmetry at the LHC

A.A. Pankov, A. V. Tsytrinov

Tech. Univ. of Gomel, Belarus

We discuss the discrimination of a $\sim$ 126 GeV spin-parity $0^+$ Higgs-like boson decaying into two photons, $H\to\gamma\gamma$, against the hypothesis of a minimally coupled $J^{P}=2^+$ narrow diphoton resonance with same mass and giving the same total number of signal events under the peak observed at LHC. We apply, as the basic observable of the analysis, the center-edge asymmetry $A_{\rm CE}$ of the cosine of the polar angle of the produced photons in the diphoton rest frame to distinguish between the tested spin hypotheses. We show that center-edge asymmetry $A_{\rm CE}$ should provide strong discrimination between the possibilities of spin-0 and spin-2 with graviton-like couplings, namely with the confidence level up to $8\sigma$ depending of fraction of $q\bar{q}$ production of the spin-2 signal.