Study of chaotic dynamics in volume free electron laser under the influence of external electromagnetic waves

Svetlana Sytova

Belarusian State University, Belarus

Results of simulation of volume free electron laser (VFEL) operation under the influence of external electromagnetic waves are proposed. Amplitudes of external electromagnetic waves are simulated in the form: E(t) = A+B*sin(C*t)+D*q, where q is a random number in the domain [0,1]. A, B, C, D are some constants. The case of VFEL generator, where there is no external influence on the system, corresponds to the case A = B = D = 0. Simulation results were processed into different parametric maps of VFEL transition to chaos. They demonstrate changing of types of dynamic solutions for different cases of E(t). There are high-amplitude chaotic regimes instead of low-amplitude ones, and vice versa, as well as a significant increase in the amplitude of the electromagnetic waves at the outlet of VFEL resonator in comparison with the case of generator. It is demonstrated the possibility of suppression of the chaotic component of VFEL solution introduced by the random number q.