Advances in Nonlinear Photonics

A. Sysoliatin Stimulated Brillouin scattering suppression in fibers via longitudinal acoustic velocity design

Alain BARTHELEMY LASER array phase-locking and nonlinearity

Aleksandr Skorynin The control of pulses parameters under Bragg diffraction in linear and nonlinear photonic crystals

Alexander Pavlovich Alodjants High temperature Bose-Einstein condensation with trapped atomic polaritons

Alexander Kazak Operation with laser radiation by using of liquid crystal elements

Alexandra Trofimova New photocrosslinking polymeric materials for liquid crystal photoalignment

Alexey Yulin Single and dual core vortices in polariton systems

Anton Husakou Plasmon-assisted high harmonic generation in vicinity of metal nanostructures

Bugay Aleksandr Nikolaevich Solitary waves in DNA and their excitation by terahertz radiation

Carsten Bree Generalization of the all-optical Kerr effect in gases and wide bandgap solids

Dmitry Vladislavovich Gorbach Polarization multiwave mixing of Gaussian and singular light beams in dye solutions

Felix Fanjul-Velez Light propagation in turbid media by phase- sensitive and phase-insensitive numerical methods: application to biological tissues

Kathy Leudge Exploiting carrier lifetimes for optimizing the dynamic response of quantum-dot lasers

Lubou Krylova The possibility of using distributed space-time models for simulation of various operational modes of solid-state laser

Marina Grigorievna Kisteneva Spectral dependences of optical absorption for vacuum annealed Bi12SiO20 crystals

Mindaugas Radziunas Theoretical study of beam quality improvement in broad area semiconductor devices

Nickolai Ivanovich Zhavoronkov The way to powerful single-cycle pulses: laser filaments and electron jets

R. Arkhipov Spectral and temporal characteristics of resonant medium radiation excited at the superluminal velocity

Rostislav Arkhipov Theoretical investigation of hybrid mode-locking in two-section semiconductor quantum dot lasers

Rostislav Arkhipov The New Principle of the All-optical Streak Camera Based on Ultrafast Laser Beam Deflection by Light-lnduced Coherent Photonic Crystal

S. Novozhilov Optical pulse dynamics in case of the Laue scheme of Bragg diffraction in metamaterial photonic crystals

Sergei Arkajevich Kozlov Optical information transmission by femtosecond quasidiscreate spectral supercontinuum with 70 TBit/s rate

Sergey A. Kaschenko Dynamics of Lang-Kobayshi laser equations with large control coefficient

Sergey Mironov Management of temporal parameters of super-powerful laser pulses

Sergey E. Svyakhovskiy Experimental observation of the diffraction-induced femtosecond pulse splitting in a linear photonic crystal.

Sergey Vladimirovich Tsvetkov A rigorous physical approach to a proper analysis of wave propagation in planar and fiber waveguides

Stanislav M. Shandarov Interaction of light beams on reflection dynamic holograms in single-crystals

Stefan Skupin Random perturbations in the nonlocal nonlinear Schroedinger equation

Svetlana Nikolaevna Kurilkina Generation of Bessel Plasmons in a Metal- Dielectric Structures

Tatyana Habruseva Bistable Regimes in Quantum-Dot Mode-Locked Laser with Optical Injection

Uwe Bandelow Rogue waves in the Sasa-Satsuma Equation

Vasiliy Vasilievich Shepelevich The optimized adaptive dynamic holographic interferometer on crystal Bi12TiO20

Vasiliy Vfsilievich Shepelevich Properties of reflection holograms in cubic (110)- cut and (111)-cut crystals

Vladimr Semenovich Gorelik Lowering Raman Threshold in Liquids Embedded into Photonic Crystals оr Photonic Glasses

Vyacheslav Chizhevsky Control of optical switchings in a bistable vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser by vibrational resonance