Control of optical switchings in a bistable vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser by vibrational resonance

V.N. Chizhevsky

B.I. Stepanov Institute of Physics , Belarus

We present experimental results which demonstrate that the response of a bistable laser at a selected polarization to the effect of the periodically modulated optical feedback or injection at the orthogonal polarization can be considerably enhanced by the additional periodic current modulation through the phenomenon of vibrational resonance. At the optimal amplitude of the current modulation a complete synchronization of optical switchings between polarization states with modulated optical signal is observed which can be in-phase or anti-phase with respect to the optical signal. The effect of a delay of the response of the bistable laser with respect to the modulating optical signal is found out which can be controlled by the current modulation. The influence of the asymmetry of a bistable quasi-potential on the efficiency of optical switching is experimentally demonstrated. These results can be important for enhancement of sensitivity of sensors based on a bistable laser as well as for development of optical switches for optical communication systems, controlled through the current modulation.