The New Principle of the All-optical Streak Camera Based on Ultrafast Laser Beam Deflection by Light-lnduced Coherent Photonic Crystal

R.M. Arkhipov 1, 2, M.V. Arkhipov 2, V.S. Egorov 2, I.A. Chekhonin 2, M.A. Chekhonin 2, S.N. Bagaev 3 1- WIAS, Berlin, 2 - Physics Faculty, Saint-Petersburg State University,Russia, 3 - Institute of Laser Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia

WIAS , Germany

In the present work the new principle of ultrafast laser beam deflection is proposed and investigated theoretically. This principle is based on the creating of the light-induced spatial grating of the resonant polarization and population difference with the depending on the time spatial period in the coherent resonant film. Coherent photonic crystal is created by ultra short pumping laser pulse with the periodic triangle-type spatial transversal profile of the amplitude. Numerical and analytical simulations have been performed using optical Bloch equations. It was shown that thin resonant film radiates the angular sequence of retarded ultra short pulses due to self-diffraction of the pumping pulse on the grating of polarization or due to the diffraction of the weak probe pulse on the grating of population difference, created by the pumping pulse.