Generation of Bessel Plasmons in a Metal- Dielectric Structures

S.N. Kurilkina, V.N.Belyi, N.S.Kazak

B.I.Stepanov Institute of Physics of NAS Belarus , Belize

Theory is developed of generation of Bessel plasmons (BPs) and their superposition in metal- dielectric structure. The possibility is shown of excitation of two types of BPs characterized by various profiles of longitudinal component of electric vector inside the metal film. The dependence is investigated of conditions of Bessel plasmons excitation on optical properties of structure components. The intensity distribution for Bessel Plasmon field is calculated. Bessel plasmon multi-tip on the base of a superposition of BPs is proposed for probing the surface simultaneously through several channels with nanoscale resolution. Experimental set-up is elaborated for its realization.