Operation with laser radiation by using of liquid crystal elements

A.A. Kazak, A.L. Tolstik, E.A. Melnikova, A.A. Komar

Belarusian state unversity , Belarus

Proposed and experimentally implemented a new method of creation the electrically controlled diffraction elements, based on a nematic liquid crystal and orienting photopolymer material. They were developed to form singular optical beams with a given topological charge and to transform the linearly polarized light beam into a beam with radial or azimuthal polarization. Also, was investigated the propagation of laser radiation in a spatially structured layers of nematic liquid crystal with an anomalously high value of birefringence and the laws of reflection of light beams at the boundary between the two mesophases were founded. The conditions for total internal reflection, waveguide propagation and polarization separation of light beams were identified.