Unidirectionally coupled generators of the hyperbolic chaos: phenomenon of generalized synchronization and based on it methods of the secure communication

O. Isaeva

Saratov State University, Russia

In 2005 by S.P. Kuznetsov the first example of physically realizable system with robust hyperbolic chaotic dynamics associated with Smale-Williams attractor was suggested [Phys. Rev Lett., 95, 144101]. In present work the direction of technical application of the generators of robust chaos is developed. These systems seem to be useful for the known methods of secure or wide-band communication [A.S. Dmitriev, A.I. Panas. Dynamical chaos: new curriers of information for the communication systems. M.:Fizmatlit, 2002] based on the mixing of information signal with chaotic signal and detection of the information due to synchronization of transmitter and receiver, which are identical chaos generators. In present work it is shown, that in the case of robust chaotic transmitter and receiver the mechanism of information transition become more stable and the detection of information is possible even if transmitter and receiver are nonidentical.