Propagation of Gaussian and Singular Light Beams in Photorefractive Crystal Bi12TiO20

T.A. Kornienko, A.L. Tolstik

Belarusian State University , Belarus

The paper has been devoted experimental research of spatio-temporal patterns of propagation of gaussian and singular light beams in crystal Bi12TiO20. General scenario of redistribution of energy in cross-section of select beams and conditions of self-focusing or defocusing has been described at different intensities of radiation. Dependence of time formation stable structures of research light beams on power of radiation has been determined. There has been showed if power of radiation increases processes of self-focusing and defocusing would be faster. At that time product of power of radiation and time of attainment of stable structures (exposure) remains constant and makes up several millijoules at characteristic dimension of light beam about several tens of microns at the input in crystal.